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Our Core Innovative Technology – AImesh

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By adjusting the temperature and wattage of the heating coil in real-time, our game-changing AiMesh® technology ensures that the vapor produced is consistent, flavorful, and free of hazardous chemicals. This results in a smoother and more enjoyable vaping experience for the users.

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AiMesh® technology in cannabinoid vape products provides real-time feedback and adjustments. AI algorithms analyze puff data, optimizing vaporization for consistent dosing. This minimizes overconsumption or underutilization risks. Precise control over temperature and airflow allows users to customize their vaping experience for desired effects like relaxation, pain relief, or increased focus.

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Exploring Lung Deposition of Cannabinoids

We focus on pulmonary cannabinoid deposition, a key area of research to gain insight into the deposition of cannabis or cannabis-like substances in the lungs when inhaled. We can optimize the product design and formulation to improve the absorption efficiency and effectiveness of our products. And ensure that our products meet local and international regulatory requirements.

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Exploring Lung Deposition of Cannabinoids Research

Systematic Test

We provide systematic testing services to ensure that your products are designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and performance.Systematic testing services cover the full range of testing processes from product design verification to production quality control. The use of advanced test equipment and methods, combined with an experienced test team, ensures the reliability and consistency of test results.

Reliability Test

Through reliability testing, we can gain a more comprehensive understanding of product performance and durability, identify potential faults and failure problems, and make improvements and optimizations to improve product reliability and stability and ensure that products can meet customers’ needs in actual use.

Experience Test

We evaluate the experience of using electronic cigarette products by simulating real users in actual use scenarios. To understand the user’s inhalation experience, portability, functionality, stability and other needs during actual use, so as to improve product design and functionality and enhance the user experience of the product.

Dosing Control

Cannapresso is a leading brand in the cannabinoid vape industry that prioritizes dosing control to deliver a tailored and consistent experience. We employ several strategies to achieve this. First, Cannapresso offers pre-filled cartridges with accurately labeled potency information, enabling users to gauge the cannabinoid concentration and make informed decisions about their desired dosage. Additionally, our vaping devices often incorporate adjustable voltage settings, allowing users to customize the intensity of their vaping experience.This level of control enables users to fine-tune their dosage according to their preferences, whether they seek a milder or more potent effect.

Cannapresso also provides clear dosage instructions, ensuring users understand how to properly use their products for optimal results. By improving the dosing control precision, Cannapresso aims to enhance user satisfaction, promote responsible consumption, and create a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience for all.

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Stat-of-the-Art Laboratory

Our laboratory is a first-class R&D and quality control center for vape. We have advanced equipment and technology, and have assembled an experienced, efficient and professional team. We are committed to providing comprehensive laboratory services to help our customers guarantee the quality and performance of their products, to maintain a competitive edge in a highly competitive market. We are ready to be your trusted partner. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our labs.

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