Robust Manufacturing Capacity

Cannapresso is an end-to-end CBD solution provider with highly automated production lines, helping our business partners keep a healthy inventory. By adopting the most stringent production and quality control systems, we can deliver our 2 million monthly finished products with the best quality to our clients.

Highly Automated Production Lines

filling oil cGMP Factory

Automatic Oil Filling

The automated oil filling machine ensures consistent flow rates, avoiding underfilling or overfilling. It fills and caps 100pcs pods in just 30 seconds.

auto packing cGMP Factory

Automatic Packing

Supports cutomized packages and sustainable materials. Pack 30 boxes in just one minute, including boxes of different sizes.

Auto labeling cGMP Factory

Automatic Labeling

Precise labeling from all directions of the package. Supports customized labeling methods, with labeling speed up to 1000pcs per min.

Reliable Certifications for Quality Assurance


COA certification GMP certification

oil cGMP Factory


CR certification

oil cGMP Factory

cGMP process cGMP Factory

oil cGMP Factory


Heavy Metal Test CE RoHS Certifications

oil cGMP Factory

Quality Assurance

ISO22000 Certification cGMP Certification

3 5 cGMP Factory

CBD Contract Manufacturing Services for Your Business

By leveraging our expertise and resources in manufacturing and packaging, we can offer customized high-quality products to our clients. From raw materials sourcing to product formulation, testing, assembling and packaging, strict quality control systems are followed to ensure top-notch end products. We will continue to provide our end-to-end solution for businesses looking to launch or expand their CBD vape product lines.

Committed to Quality Excellence: Our Quality Assurance

From raw hemp materials, to extraction method, and manufacturing process, CANNAPRESSO adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Practices(cGMP), to ensure the final products are safe, reliable and of top quality. Furthermore, CANNAPRESSO follows a scrupulous quality control system throughout the production, packaging, labeling and shipping process. With clients’ interest and vaping experience in mind, CANNAPRESSO will constantly upgrade the production facilities to stay ahead of its competitors.

Rigorous Inspection for Reliable Quality Assurance

Material Testing

All raw ingredients and packaging materials are received into our electronic warehouse system (SAGE). All raw material and intermediate bulk testing are performed in our State-of-the-Art laboratory. Each raw material undergoes vigorous testing that includes Infrared Spectrometry (FTIR) , Karl Fischer, LOD, ICP-MS for Heavy metal determination and a Rapid Microbial Method System for Microbiological determination, which can be completed within three days.

In-Process Testing

Each intermediate blend is submitted to the lab for a panel of tests to assure the blend is homogenous. These tests include bulk density, brix and organoleptic testing.

Finished product testing

The “finished good” testing is performed after packaging is completed to assure that the physical, chemical and microbial testing such as product weights, lot code placement, expiration dating, seal integrity, absence of Heavy metals, Microbial challenge for Total Plate Count, Yeast and Mold, Coliforms, E. coli., Salmonella, Staph aureus, Pseudomonas, and Enteriobacteriaceae meet the customer specifications and expectations.

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