CBD oil quality cbd How to Find the Best Quality CBD Oil For Pain
05 May 2023

How to Find the Best Quality CBD Oil For Pain

Cannabidiol is from the cannabis plant that’s extracted for medicinal purposes. It’s commonly extracted from agricultural hemp, which makes it non-psychotropic. That means CBD consumption doesn’t result in “high” sensations.

The use of CBD oils is legalized in some states and is proven to be medicinal and good for the heart. Nowadays, it’s also widely used in food, beverages, medicines, and creams. Though lacking in research, many people believe that CBD consumption helps them deal with anxiety, depression, and alleviates pain.

If you’re one of the people who want to find alternatives in treating anxiety and pain, it’s essential to know that a lot of factors need to be considered before buying CBD oils. 

To help you with that, compiled below are ways to find and check the best quality CBD oils in the market today:

Hemp Source

When purchasing CBD oils, it’s essential to know the place where the hemp used in making them are planted and grown. The quality of the soil used in the hemp farm is a factor that should be considered, too. 

Hemp, and other cannabis plants, such as marijuana, are known to be easily absorbent. This means that if the soil used in growing the hemp is healthy, the extracted CBD oil is expected to be of high quality. Also, if the land used has traces of minerals, like lead and mercury, the CBD oil is not safe and ideal for consumption and use.

You can look at the bottle labels to check the source of the hemp used in CBD extraction. If the location is not specified, it’s more likely created from unhealthy farms.


Another thing to consider when looking for high-quality CBD oil is its concentration. Usually measured in milligrams, you can check your oil’s strength in the labels and boxes of your CBD bottles and tinctures. When buying online, it’s recommended to visit the seller’s website to read about the CBD product’s concentration.

There’s a wide range of concentrations offered in the market. It’s best to know its strength so that you can also know the proper dosage you should take. 

Another thing to look out for is CBD oil’s THC levels. The amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in CBD oil should not exceed more than 0.3 percent. Thus, it’s advised that you check the product website and labels before purchasing it.


First, you need to know that any product that has cannabis is not cheap. You might find something affordable, but the quality of the product can also be compromised to make up for its low price. CBD oils with cheap tags are often associated with low-quality hemp, below standard laboratory processes, and illegal permits.

There’s a reason why legal weed and CBD oils have hefty price tags. They’re much pricier when you want the product extracted from high-quality hemp. Those are usually grown on organic farms wherein chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used. The costs in operations and materials are high; thus, the product is also priced accordingly. 

Though, keep in mind that there are still companies and suppliers that produce and sell CBD oils at affordable prices without compromising their quality. As a tip, you need to find a reliable supplier that offers transparency in the quality of their materials, sources, and processes. 

Extraction Method

Not all CBD oils are extracted the same. Every supplier has a unique way of obtaining the CBD from hemp. Thus, you should take note that not all techniques and methods of extraction produce safe CBD oils. These products are directly consumed by people commonly to treat chronic pain from health conditions, such as arthritis; that’s why it’s important to know if it’s safe for human use and consumption.

The best CBD oil is extracted using the CO2 extraction method, which is the safest way of getting the purest CBD in hemp. This method requires a long process, which makes the extracted CBD costly. It involves the use of carbon dioxide to refine the produced oil. Only licensed laboratories and suppliers are capable of using this method because it requires a lot of machinery and chemical process that needs constant monitoring.

To cut costs and to sell their products at low prices, some companies use cheap alternative methods that involve the usage of toxic materials, such as propane and butane. Be careful in purchasing CBD oils, and it would not hurt to research how a supplier does the CBD extraction.


Your safety should always be a priority when buying and consuming CBD oil. It’s recommended to buy from reputable brands that are transparent with their source, methods, and third-party lab results. Not every supplier produces high-quality CBD oil, that’s why you should be extra careful when buying one. 

Always remember that its effectivity on alleviating pain is still dependent on its quality. 

By Tommy White

from clnsmedia.com