• Cannapresso in the Vaper expo UK 2019
    Post time: Oct-28-2019

    In October 25th-27th, Cannapresso attended the show The Vaper Expo UK – The Return 2019. The Vaper Expo UK is back again at the NEC Birmingham for the second instalment of 2019. The Vaper Expo UK is Europes biggest vaping convention and brings together hundreds of the worlds leading v...Read more »

    Post time: Sep-25-2019

    Cannapresso attended Intertabac 2019 at the Dortmund Exhibition Centre from September 20th-22th, which is the worldwide largest trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories, even CBD( short for cannabidiol)– the ultimate meeting place of the sector for establishing new c...Read more »

  • Cannapresso in Champs trade show 2019
    Post time: Jul-18-2019

    CHAMPS Trade Shows prides itself on all amazing buyers and vendors. Artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs from around the world keep coming back year after year, helping to grow into the largest counter culture trade show in the world.  As continuing to ce...Read more »

  • CANNAPRESSO in Vape Jam UK 2019
    Post time: Apr-13-2019

    The UK's very first Vape Trade Show, with international exhibitors and visitors. Vape Jam UK was the first trade show to introduce vape celebrities and influential speakers in the UK. Vape Jam UK is a Vape related expo showcasing and promoting various products from the Vape industry. The pur...Read more »

    Post time: Feb-14-2019

    In Feb. 11th-13th, Cannapresso attended TPE expo 2019 in Las Vegas Convention Center. The 2019 TPE Expo in Las Vegas is one of the biggest trade shows for Manufacturers and Suppliers to exhibit their tobacco products and related merchandise to buyers of these products. Attendees at the show repr...Read more »

  • CANNAPRESSO in CannaFest Prague 2018
    Post time: Nov-05-2018

    In Nov. 2nd- 4th, Cannapresso attended CannaFest Prague 2018 and drew great attention on the site. The international trade show of cannabis and medicinal herbs- Cannafest is the largest cannabis trade show in the world. It’s 9th year will take place November 2nd – 4th 2018, in the beau...Read more »

  • CANNAPRESSO in World Vapor Expo 2018
    Post time: Sep-18-2018

    CANNAPRESSO just attended the show World Vapor Expo on September 14, 15, 16 – 2018, at the same time CANNAPRESSO Europe team was in EXPOGROW 2018 in Irun, Spain. World Vapor Expo™ is an International Vapor Product Expo combination B2B & B2C Electronic Cigarette conference&nbs...Read more »

  • Cannapresso in EXPOGROW 2018
    Post time: Sep-18-2018

    In Sep. 14th-16th, Cannapresso attended the show ExpoGrow 2018 and finally made great success. September 14th, 15th and 16th is marked in green on the calendar of professionals, cannabis industry experts, worldwide companies and those visitors eager to know the new advances of the sector that w...Read more »

  • CANNAPRESSO will attend World Vapor Expo and Expo Grow on Sep.14-16th
    Post time: Sep-11-2018

    During September 14th-16th, CANNAPRESSO will attend two expos, one is World Vapor Expo in Miami, USA, the other is EXPOGROW in Irun, Spain. It’s the first time that Cannapresso promotes its brand both in USA and Europe at the same time, Both CANNAPRESSO USA team and Europe team is now fully pre...Read more »

  • CANNAPRESSO in the Big Industry Show 2018
    Post time: Aug-31-2018

    It is the second time that CANNAPRESSO attended the Big industry show, last time in January of the year, it’s a good start for CANNAPRESSO, let’s expect what it will happen. The BIG Industry Show is due to showcase a vast range of innovations in the cannabis industry at the Los Angeles Conventio...Read more »

  • CANNAPRESSO in Champs Las Vegas Summer
    Post time: Jul-19-2018

    Since 1999, CHAMPS TRADE SHOW has established itself as the premier counterculture business-to-business wholesale trade expo for the smoke shop industry. The 38th Las Vegas CHAMPS Trade Show is held in this July 07/17/2018. CHAMPS Trade Shows has been a staple in the Counter ...Read more »

  • CANNAPRESSO in Mary Jane Berlin 2018
    Post time: Jun-11-2018

    Cannapresso team would like to thank the Mary Jane Cannabis Expo for a phenomenal weekend!  Mary Jane Berlin starts it third edition in Berlin from 08 to 10 June 2018.– with over 6,500 m2 of hall space and 2,000 m2 of outdoor space is “Mary Jane Berlin” the leading German Cannabis exhi...Read more »

  • 7 Interesting Facts You Should Know About CBD
    Post time: May-19-2018

    There are over a hundred chemical compounds available in marijuana called cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of them. It makes around 40% of the extracts from cannabis plant. Other cannabinoids present are THC, CBDA, CBN. CBD is a powerful natural compound on earth. It is non- psychoacti...Read more »

  • Using CBD Oil For Treating Diabetes
    Post time: May-10-2018

    Diabetes is becoming a major cause of deaths gradually. About 8.8 percent of the people across the globe are suffering from diabetes, as per Statista. In numbers, approximately 400 million people worldwide are diabetics out of which 5 million people die every year. In U.S alone, about 2 million ...Read more »

  • Cannapresso in the Vaper Expo UK 2018
    Post time: May-07-2018

    The Vaper Expo UK is the 6th event taking place on 4th, 5th & 6th May 2018. The Vaper Expo UK has continued to grow in to a world renowned event and is now the biggest, best and most 'must attend' vape convention in Europe. They have been working hard on creating a show that...Read more »

  • The Benefits of CBD For Mental Illness, Pain and Anxiety
    Post time: Apr-23-2018

    Despite of its various health benefits, medical marijuana was banned in the 1930s. Recent years have seen the coming back of this green herb, as its therapeutic properties are being realised. CBD is one of the most important elements in cannabis, whose clinical importance makes it worth being in...Read more »

  • Expert Strain Recommendations For Low- Tolerance Cannabis Users and Novices
    Post time: Apr-18-2018

    There has been worldwide speculation about the marvelous abilities of cannabis. Scientists, businessmen, doctors, patients, health enthusiasts- every sect has been curious to explore the power of cannabis. The overwhelming potential of the plant has drawn a lot of attention, especially in the me...Read more »

  • Cannapresso in 5th Noco Hemp Expo
    Post time: Apr-08-2018

    Cannapresso is honored to join the 5th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo taking place Friday and Saturday, April 6-7, 2018 at The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, Colorado. As the show enters into year five, the domestic and global hemp industries are “Prime for Growth” a...Read more »

    Post time: Mar-27-2018

    VAPEXPO, pioneer and founder of the International Exhibition of Vape. Since its 1st edition in Bordeaux in March 2014, VAPEXPO confirmed its leading position in the International Trade Shows organization dedicated to vape and its actors. This is The reference, the ideal place to promote product...Read more »

    Post time: Mar-12-2018

    The biggest cannabis expo in Europe from March 9th to March 11th - Spannabis Barcelona 2018 ends up, it’s time for us to say goodbye to Spain. The journey in Spannabis is very impressive to CANNAPRESSO, there are numerous unforgettable memories. For the first time to Spanish market, C...Read more »

  • CANNAPRESSO in Spannabis Barcelona
    Post time: Mar-10-2018

    Spannabis is a three-day annual event that will be held the 9th, 10th and 11th of March 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. The Fira de Cornellà is the home of this year’s Spannabis celebration. The venue was chosen due to its easy accessibility for cannabis fans traveling to join the festivitie...Read more »

    Post time: Feb-02-2018

    In Jan.31th- Feb.1st, CANNAPRESSO attended TPE show in Las Vegas.   TPE brings together the top brands in the tobacco, premium cigars, vapor and alternative industries and gives attendees the chance to connect with these top brands in an exciting two-day trade show. TPE is a must-a...Read more »

  • CANNAPRESSO in the Big Industry Show
    Post time: Jan-12-2018

    At the beginning of 2018, CANNAPRESSO team attended the big industry show and gained great success! The BIG Industry Show is setting new standards in the business to business and wholesale 420 lifestyle sector. The 2018 BIG smoke shop trade show will be held in Ft. Laud...Read more »

  • CANNAPRESSO in Marijuana Business Conference &Expo in Nov.15th-17th
    Post time: Nov-16-2017

    Nov. 15th is the first day of Marijuana Business Conference &Expo, CANNAPRESSO draws much attention at the site while we really appreciate that we attend the show. Back when MJBizDaily(official magazine) first launched, there was no national trade show for cannabis. The editors felt the ind...Read more »

  • The First day in the Vaper Expo UK 2017 – CANNAPRESSO is here at Booth A195
    Post time: Oct-27-2017

    The First day in the Vaper Expo UK 2017, CANNAPRESSO drew much attention at the show! The Vaper Expo October 2017 – The Return ‘A Celebration Of Vaping’ – will be the fifth edition of the show based at the NEC Birmingham. The first show was held in 2015 and within just two years the show has qua...Read more »

  • CBD(cannabidiol): Smoking vs Vaping vs Nebulizing
    Post time: Oct-19-2017

    Nebulizers are not new. They have long been used to deliver prescription medicine to treat asthma, COPD, and the symptoms of respiratory diseases and allergies. However, nebulizers have found a new use as the safest and cleanest way to deliver the benefits of CBD. Let’s look at the differences be...Read more »

    Post time: Sep-21-2017

    CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS is widely recognized as the largest and most trusted counter-culture trade show in the world. Since 1999, CHAMPS has hosted the premier exhibitors in the industry and draws buyers in the thousands from all over the world to attend. CHAMPS Trade Shows i...Read more »

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