• Why Use CBD Oil?
    Post time: Feb-22-2019

    Why Use CBD Oil? CBD is a Natural Medicine Alternative If you are someone that is looking to get away from using traditional medicine, you are likely considering using CBD oil as a natural alternative. Below, we will be going over some reasons why it is a viable alternative for those that are ...Read more »

  • 3 Things To Remember When Vetting CBD Products
    Post time: Feb-21-2019

    The CBD boom Last year’s Farm Bill was signed into law, allowing cannabidiol (most commonly known as CBD) and hemp companies entirely new freedom in developing brands, conducting research, and exploring new opportunities in agriculture. With the market projected to hit $22B ...Read more »

  • America’s CBD boom: Brazen claims, fake products, regulatory scrutiny
    Post time: Feb-20-2019

    Got arthritis? Dry skin? Menstrual cramps? Trouble sleeping or feeling stressed? The CBD industry claims it has the cure for you. Such assertions are becoming increasingly common — and brazen — as the cannabis compound commonly known as CBD proliferates in drinks, baked goods, tinctures, body lo...Read more »

  • Special Report: The CBD Oil Craze
    Post time: Feb-19-2019

    Does it work wonders? Or, is it just a health craze? CBD Oil is sparking both curiosity and criticism across the country. “They tried everything to try and help relieve his pain," said Christine Stalsonburg, whose husband has neuropathy. "So, we started him on CBD Oil, and he noticed a...Read more »

  • Every Question You Have About CBD—Answered
    Post time: Feb-18-2019

    There's no question that CBD is the buzzy wellness product of the moment. If you live in a state where it's currently legal, you might feel like CBD has gone from being sort of around to absolutely everywhere all at once. Coffee shops sell CBD lattes, spas offer CBD facials, beauty compa...Read more »

  • What Is CBD, and Why Is Everybody Talking About It?
    Post time: Feb-16-2019

    If you haven't already been bombarded with ads for CBD lotions, oils, and other products, get ready. The precious substance is said to relieve pain, prevent seizures, lower anxiety, and improve sleep. Is CBD really the wonder drug its advocates claim it is? Is it safe? And is it even legal? ...Read more »

  • CBD shop in Hampton offers cannabis products
    Post time: Feb-15-2019

    Your CBD Store opened on High Street last week, which gives owner Chris McPherron a chuckle. The product he sells comes from cannabis, but it will not get you high. The shop opened Feb. 1 downtown at 15 High St., offering an array of products infused with the compound cannabidiol, or CBD, believ...Read more »

    Post time: Feb-14-2019

    In Feb. 11th-13th, Cannapresso attended TPE expo 2019 in Las Vegas Convention Center. The 2019 TPE Expo in Las Vegas is one of the biggest trade shows for Manufacturers and Suppliers to exhibit their tobacco products and related merchandise to buyers of these products. Attendees at the show repr...Read more »

  • What is CBD oil and is it good for you?
    Post time: Feb-12-2019

    You may have noticed more CBD stores popping up in western Massachusetts.  More people are buying CBD to treat anxiety, muscle stiffness, and other health problems, even though it's not FDA approved  Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in industrial hemp plants and marijuana. ...Read more »

  • CBD Oil: The Facts, Risks and Alternatives
    Post time: Jan-25-2019

    Cannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD) usage has doubled in the past year. It claims to be able to provide relief from everything from pain to depression and anxiety, but are those claims accurate? MH takes a closer look. What Is CBD Oil? It’s weed, but not as you know it. Cannabidio...Read more »

  • A Look at the Controversy Around CBD
    Post time: Jan-24-2019

    Since Minnesota's recent legalization of CBD Oil, the product has sparked both interest and misconceptions. CBD Oil, also known as cannibidial is an oil expected from hemp. It is said to attack chronic pain in the body, balancing it from the inside out. Sale of CBD Oil in the state was recen...Read more »

  • Michigan officials grapple with CBD oil regulation
    Post time: Jan-23-2019

    Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is no longer considered to be marijuana in Michigan under a new legal framework created by the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill and a state law that takes effect this March. Instead of categorizing “all things green and smelly” by default as marijuana, the federal government has defi...Read more »

  • CBD oil rises in popularity
    Post time: Jan-22-2019

    CBD oil is growing in popularity as a treatment for pain, anxiety, depression, and even seizures or epilepsy. “There has been a significant increase in sales from the beginning of January 2017 until now,” Sami Abuhamoud said, the manager at Smoke King in Machesney Park. Tom Carey, the Director o...Read more »

  • CBD hemp trend arrives in Rochester: Store opens in Henrietta, one coming to South Wedge
    Post time: Jan-21-2019

    The CBD trend has arrived in Rochester. HempSol, a CBD boutique, has opened at 1425 Jefferson Road in Henrietta.  CBD, or Cannabidiol oil, has become a hot product with the legalization of medical marijuana in states around the country, including New York. Purveyors of the ma...Read more »

  • The FDA Will Now Regulate CBD and Hemp Products
    Post time: Jan-18-2019

    The 2018 Farm Bill, passed earlier this month by Congress and signed by President Trump, makes large-scale production of hemp legal nationwide for the first time since 1937. The bill removes industrial hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. However, many products made with hemp-derived cannabi...Read more »

  • Booming CBD market has scientists, regulators scrambling
    Post time: Jan-17-2019

    The market for a little understood type of cannabis derived from the hemp plant is exploding in the United States. The sudden demand for the chemical — called cannabidiol, or CBD — is being propelled by stories of it curing countless human health maladies. Users claim it heals wounds...Read more »

  • CBD store owner is a ‘believer’
    Post time: Jan-16-2019

    El Dorado has a new business that sells CBD products.Sacred Leaf, 2348 W. Central, Suite A., sells a variety of products that contain cannabidiol – CBD for short – which are becoming more and more popular as medicinals to treat everything from anxiety, to joint pain to seizures.CBD c...Read more »

  • A look inside the CBD oil store in Aiken
    Post time: Jan-15-2019

    CBD is legal across the country, but only when there's a small amount of THC in it. This company took all the traces of THC out of their CBD. They call it "help without the high". Gummies, lotion, bath-bombs and honey. It's an assortment of products with CBD oil. "They gav...Read more »

  • The CBD boom: Popularity of hemp product swells in Lancaster; here’s what you should know
    Post time: Jan-14-2019

    Julio Perrone turned to CBD oil several years ago to improve his focus, relax his edginess and improve sleep. Brittany Ditzler credits a CBD tincture with relieving some of her anxiety and depression symptoms. Jill Good-Miller has used a CBD product externally to help alleviate chronic pain. Tho...Read more »

  • Law: CBD oil regulated as hemp, not marijuana
    Post time: Jan-12-2019

    A new law will prevent cannabidiol — more commonly referred to as CBD oil — from being regulated under Michigan's medical marijuana rules. The legislation sponsored by state Rep. Steve Johnson, R-Wayland, was passed by late last year and signed into law on New Year's Eve. It de...Read more »

  • The Real Deal on CBD Oil
    Post time: Jan-11-2019

    Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is suddenly everywhere. It can be found on shelves in health stores and as an ingredient in smoothies, lattes, lotions and shampoos. The marketed benefits of the cannabis-based elixir strike all the right wellness buzzwords: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant...Read more »

  • A Beginner’s Guide to CBD
    Post time: Jan-09-2019

    When Gov. Eric Holcomb signed Senate Enrolled Act 52 into law in March of this year, he ended a fierce debate and legal limbo over cannabidiol use in Indiana. In the ensuing months, sellers of CBD flooded the state and made their products available everywhere from natural health stores to gas st...Read more »

  • Facebook took down many CBD business pages. Now it says that was a mistake.
    Post time: Jan-08-2019

    A few weeks ago, Hannah Smith, a 23-year-old Fort Collins, Colorado, resident who works at her family’s CBD products company, Joy Organics, got a call from her mom, asking why their Facebook page wasn’t working. Her mother assumed the password had been changed, or that someone had switched ...Read more »

  • CBD products gain popularity in Wisconsin despite questions
    Post time: Jan-07-2019

    Hemp-derived cannabidiol is gaining steam in Wisconsin for its proclaimed wellness benefits, despite varied quality control and limited scientific research on its use and long-term effects. Wisconsin in late 2017 joined 33 other states in legalizing hemp farming, Wisconsin Public Radio reported ...Read more »

  • CBD is everywhere. But does it work?
    Post time: Dec-19-2018

    Cannabidiol is having a moment. Consumer product sales of the non-psychoactive marijuana compound are expected to surpass $1 billion by 2020. Increasingly common state legalization and loose federal regulation means that anyone in any state can go online or to a physical store and buy ...Read more »

  • Hemp-based CBD products increase in popularity
    Post time: Dec-18-2018

    Laura Beohner started her company, The Healing Rose, after using a salve made with cannabidiol, or CBD, on an injured knee. "It was originally for PMS cramps but I figured, 'Hey I'm in a ton of pain right now, let me try it out.' It was instant relief," Beohner said.  ...Read more »

  • CBD is the latest wellness trend, but does it work?
    Post time: Dec-17-2018

    It seems like everywhere you look, they’re selling CBD. The non-hallucinogenic marijuana plant extract is being added to everything from skin creams to dog treats with claims of miracle-like results. Some CBD products even claim it can stop anxiety and treat Parkinson’s disease and sei...Read more »

  • Some CBD oil may soon be legal in AL
    Post time: Dec-15-2018

    Congress has approved legislation that would, in part, legalize some CBD oil in Alabama. "I'm very thankful for Alabama to do something like this," CBD oil user Whitney Walker said. Walker told WAAY 31 she has been using CBD oil for more than a year at the recommendation of her doc...Read more »

  • Altria to Discontinue its E-Cigs as it Invests in Cannabis Firm
    Post time: Dec-14-2018

    As cigarette sales keep declining, the tobacco giant’s market value has dropped by 13% over the past 12 months. Additionally, Altria’s own e-cigarette brands, MarkTen and Green Smoke, have only captured a small slice of the market. Hence last Friday, Altria announced that it will be di...Read more »

  • FDA approves first drug comprised of an active ingredient derived from marijuana to treat rare, severe forms of epilepsy
    Post time: Dec-13-2018

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Epidiolex (cannabidiol) [CBD] oral solution for the treatment of seizures associated with two rare and severe forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, in patients two years of age and older. This is the first FDA-approve...Read more »

  • What we know about CBD oil and how it can be legally used in Indiana
    Post time: Dec-12-2018

    CBD oil, a cannabis-derived product often praised for its medicinal qualities, still confuses a lot of people. For instance, is CBD oil legal in Indiana? It is — at least in normal doses. Will CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol oil, show up on a drug test? Probably not. ...Read more »

  • Health Benefits of CBD Oil
    Post time: Dec-11-2018

    Health Benefits of CBD Oil Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that is one of the main constituents of cannabis. It has mild psychoactive effects, but it is better known as a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments. Using dried marijuana flowers, CBD oil is made from extracti...Read more »

  • Local veterans turning to CBD oil to treat PTSD symptoms
    Post time: Dec-10-2018

    The founder of a local veterans organization says more and more veterans are turning to CBD oil to treat their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms. “You’re always clear and level-headed,” Veterans Relief Group founder Art Lopez said. “I really love this stuff.” Technically, both CBD Oil and ...Read more »

  • CBD oil catching on in Fall River, becoming a mainstream product
    Post time: Dec-07-2018

    CBD oil is quickly entering super food — or rather super plant — territory for those hoping to optimize their health without prescription drugs or side effects. Products containing CBD oil have made their way into the market since marijuana became legal in some states and is losing ...Read more »

  • Everything You Should Know About CBD Oil And Vaporizers
    Post time: Dec-06-2018

    With marijuana being one of the most important global debates in the past few years, there is still no general conclusion, but as we can see more and more countries are starting to allow its use both in medical and recreational purposes. Now, this made the whole hemp industry grow and know you h...Read more »

  • Here’s What the 2018 Farm Bill Has To Do With CBD Legalization
    Post time: Dec-05-2018

    A new farm bill appears to finally be on its way. On Thursday, Nov. 29, agriculture leaders from the United States House of Representatives and Senate announced that despite delays, they had finally reached an agreement in principle. The most recent farm bill, which passed in 2014, exp...Read more »

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