• Billed as a health product, CBD faces stiff test from skeptical regulators
    Post time: Jul-02-2019

    It’s marketed as a near-miraculous, over-the-counter pain reliever and health supplement—just how high can sales climb? That’s the key question facing companies in the booming market for CBD (or cannabidiol), with cannabis and its derivatives making big strides toward nationwide legalization. As...Read more »

  • CBD Oils for Cancer
    Post time: Jul-01-2019

    Cannabis has many names, including hemp, marijuana, pot, hash, and grass. People have been using it for ages for medicinal and recreational purposes. The cannabis plant produces a resin that has substances known as cannabinoids that have many benefits. A few of the most important benefits are it...Read more »

  • CBD and some research on it
    Post time: Jun-29-2019

    CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a trending ingredient the natural products industry and is the focus of a new area of cannabis research. CBD is one of many cannabinoids, or molecules produced uniquely by the cannabis family. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the primary psychoactive element ...Read more »

  • A short guide to understanding CBD
    Post time: Jun-28-2019

    Now on sale everywhere from health food stores to gas stations, CBD is all the buzz these days. But, as with any new product category, there’s still a lot of confusion out there concerning its use. What is it? What are its benefits? Is it legal? And where best to buy it? Whether it is for pain r...Read more »

  • Benefits of CBD discussed at Wednesday event
    Post time: Jun-27-2019

    More than two dozen people were in attendance Wednesday at FirstFitness Nutrition’s free CBD Symposium that explored the health benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD, and marketing opportunities. Nigel Branson, FFN president and company co-founder, presented information about all aspects of CBD, and c...Read more »

  • Cannabis seminar teaches seniors about CBD
    Post time: Jun-26-2019

    Sixty people sat around the room at the Council on Aging on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, asking questions like “If I get pulled over, will I fail a drug test?” and “How do I eat it?” They were talking about cannabis, at a June 25 seminar for seniors thinking about using the plant for medical purpo...Read more »

  • 3 Shocking Benefits Of Using CBD Oil For Your Skin
    Post time: Jun-26-2019

    You may have seen CBD oil in new mascaras, face oil or even in gummy bears, but what will it really do for you? CBD oil is the newest craze on the scene. People are using it for anything and everything and that’s because it really does have a lot of benefits. One place you may have never thought...Read more »

  • Tuscaloosa could see changes in laws involving sale of CBD oil
    Post time: Jun-25-2019

    Tuscaloosa city leaders are studying updates to the city code to regulate and permit the sale of items containing industrial hemp levels of THC. If adopted, the regulations would prohibit hemp-based businesses from opening or operating within downtown Tuscaloosa and along the Black Warrior River...Read more »

  • Healthy Living: Nutritionist calls regulation of CBD infused products the ‘Wild, Wild West’
    Post time: Jun-25-2019

    CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound found in hemp plants and you’re likely hearing a lot more about it because it is part of a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry.  In fact, companies in the business of health and wellness are touting the benefits of CBD for both mind and body.  S...Read more »

  • CBD oils trickle into Bay Area as retailers tout benefits
    Post time: Jun-25-2019

    Cannabidiol—commonly called CBD oil—is becoming more available to Bay Area residents as local retailers begin to sell the products. A common misconception surrounding CBD oil is its relation to marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Although marijuana and CBD products come from plants in th...Read more »

  • Alabama pharmacies can now sell CBD
    Post time: Jun-21-2019

    Alabama pharmacies can now sell CBD oils. Gov. Kay Ivey signed Senate Bill 225 on June 10, allowing pharmacies to sell CBD products containing no more than 0.3 percent THC. “That said, it is the responsibility of the pharmacy to ensure by trustworthy and scientifically reliable testing that the ...Read more »

  • Fargo police informing public of recent changes to CBD oil products
    Post time: Jun-20-2019

    The Fargo Police Department would like to inform the public of a recent change with regards to CBD (Cannabidiol) oil products. With the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill) being signed into law on December 20, 2018, there have been some changes to Federal and State Law regardin...Read more »

  • The Most Effective Ways To Use CBD
    Post time: Jun-19-2019

    In case you missed it, we're in the midst of a CBD boom. Beyond just tinctures and gummies, companies are adding cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp products, in everything from beauty products to fast food cheeseburgers. For some pe...Read more »

  • Now that hemp-based CBD oil is legal in Texas, here’s what to know
    Post time: Jun-13-2019

    Hemp and hemp-derived products that have become increasingly easy to find in Texas are now legal, too, after Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill legalizing its production this week. Not only does the bill set in motion a process for creating state regulations around the monitoring and ...Read more »

  • Expert describes pros and cons of CBD oil
    Post time: Jun-12-2019

    There’s no question that CBD oil has become the new darling of alternative medicine. Shops offering a plethora of CBD oil and oil-based products have sprung up everywhere from local street corners to shopping malls, and even major drugstore chains such as CVS and Walgreens have begun stocking CB...Read more »

  • FDA hearing leaves CBD industry concerned about future
    Post time: Jun-06-2019

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's first hearing on cannabidiol — CBD — left those involved in the booming new industry concerned for its future. "In the 10 hours of testimony, I think the panel was given some good information and some bad information,&qu...Read more »

  • CBD oil is being added to products all the time. Should the government start regulating sales?
    Post time: Jun-04-2019

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration heard Friday from more than 100 people representing marijuana businesses, lawyers, state agencies and patient groups as it considers whether, or how, to regulate hemp-derived cannabidiol, better known as CBD. The day-long hearing came at a time whe...Read more »

  • Study: CBD oil may help reduce opioid addiction
    Post time: May-30-2019

    Supporters of CBD oil have claimed it can treat a variety of ailments such as anxiety, inflammation and chronic pain, but new research shows CBD oil may become an important tool in combating drug addiction. A recent study conducted by researchers at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York studied t...Read more »

  • Last barrier to CBD oil boom? New bill could clear up legal questions
    Post time: May-29-2019

    CBD store owners hope a bill sitting on the Governor's desk will make their products legal under state law Even as cannabidiol (CBD) retailers have proliferated across DFW, questions about the legality of the product have dogged shop owners in recent months. But a bill that sits on Governor ...Read more »

  • Texas Lawmakers Expand Access To CBD Oil As 2019 Legislature Ends
    Post time: May-28-2019

    A record number of marijuana-related bills — 63 — were filed this legislative session. But only two bills made it across the finish line: the regulation of industrial hemp and the expansion of the state’s Compassionate Use Program. When the federal government legalized industrial hemp late last...Read more »

  • Hemp-derived CBD quickly becoming all the rage across SC as policy evolves
    Post time: May-27-2019

    Suddenly, it seems, CBD is everywhere. At an upscale downtown Charleston hotel, guests can get a soothing massage with the hemp-derived oil at the lodging’s spa. Up on King Street, a new retailer is setting up shop to sell what’s been touted as a magical elixir that can reduce anxiety, help infl...Read more »

  • 4 Things You Need To Know About Buying CBD
    Post time: May-24-2019

    It’s no secret that CBD is having a moment. Known primarily for its wide range of health and beauty benefits, this trendy ingredient is appearing in everything from mascara and moisturizers to sparkling water and chocolate. But have you ever thought about the quality of the CBD oil in your favor...Read more »

  • As its popularity grows nationwide, CBD shops are cropping up in Williamson County
    Post time: May-23-2019

    From 2014 to 2016, Jamie Johns was taking 28 different medications. She already beat breast cancer, so when Johns learned she also had cervical cancer, her doctor suggested she try cannabidiol, or CBD, to see if it would offset some of the negative side effects from chemotherapy. Johns says she ...Read more »

  • 3 Benefits Of Using CBD Oil
    Post time: May-22-2019

    Nature may just surprise you. If you are thinking of using cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, for help with a physical or mental health condition, you are not alone. Projected U.S. consumer sales of legal cannabis, which may turn out to be one of nature’s finest gifts, could reach multi-bi...Read more »

  • 4 Investigates: CBD industry is operating in the dark
    Post time: May-21-2019

    CBD products are sold in specialty stores and strip malls all over New Mexico. Some people use it to treat everything from anxiety to sleeplessness. However, there's one big problem — the brand new industry is not regulated and there's no guarantee people are getting what they...Read more »

  • Experts prove CBD products don’t affect drug test results
    Post time: May-20-2019

    Cannabidiol oil is becoming very popular around the world and some have raised concern on whether it's hindering people from passing drug tests. THC is the compound in marijuana that gets people high. Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is another product that can come from hemp or marijuana. Many states ...Read more »

  • CBD oil shop One Health Wisconsin opens in Algoma
    Post time: May-18-2019

    OK, first things first. One doesn't need to bring a bag of chips to One Health Wisconsin for post-visit munchies. You don't have to rock out to jam bands. There isn't a dress code requiring scruffy facial hair, tie-dyes, bloodshot eyes or sandals. The downtown Algoma shop — which had...Read more »

  • ‘It’s become this sensation.’ What is CBD oil and where can you find it in Centre County?
    Post time: May-17-2019

    While CBD products surge in popularity across the country, Centre County shops are expanding their offerings to include the hemp-derived products that proponents say can help a variety of ailments. THC and cannabidiol are the most prominent chemical compounds found in cannabis, though each have ...Read more »

  • How to Effectively Take CBD Oil
    Post time: May-16-2019

    By now, you must have heard of CBD oil as an alternative to over-the-counter drugs. Many people in our millennial age are choosing to go for CBD products because of their effectiveness when it comes to dealing with chronic symptoms caused by conditions like migraines, fractures, and even cancer....Read more »

  • Texas Senate Will Soon Vote On Hemp Bill, Which Requires Testing Crops For THC
    Post time: May-15-2019

    Farmers await a final vote in the Texas Senate, which could end up affecting their bottom line. If it passes, House Bill 1325 is one step closer to legalizing the cultivation of hemp in Texas. Zavala County Democrat Tracy King wrote the bill, which sailed through the Texas House weeks ago. But L...Read more »

  • CBD oil sales are booming, but are you getting what you pay for?
    Post time: May-14-2019

    Across the country, "canna-business" is booming. CBD hemp products are popping up everywhere, from health food stores to dog groomers. Investigative reporter Karla Ray has learned, however, that many consumers might not always know what they are buying.  In some cas...Read more »

  • Does CBD Oil Have Health Benefits?
    Post time: May-13-2019

    CBD oil was in the news again this week when a great-grandmother was arrested outside Disney World for allegedly having the cannabis-based compound with purported medicinal benefits in her purse. The woman said her doctors recommended CBD for arthritis, and the charges were later dropp...Read more »

  • Is CBD oil the answer to what ails you?
    Post time: May-10-2019

    What is really in that bottle that some are calling a medical miracle? We are talking about CBD oil. It is a huge craze right now and is being sold over the counter in many places in our region and around the country. CBD oil has its believers. "It's just going to give you the body effe...Read more »

  • Is CBD oil safe, effective?
    Post time: May-08-2019

    CBD oil seems to be everywhere — on shelves at pharmacies, specialty stores and many other places. Products flooded the market after the 2018 farm bill removed hemp and its derivatives as controlled substances. 'You just feel better' CBD Supply MD Penn recently opened in York. Ret...Read more »

  • CBD: On a real market high
    Post time: May-06-2019

    It looks like pot, can be vaped like pot, even eaten like pot. But pot, it is not. It's called CBD, short for cannabidiol, a buzzy chemical compound that's on a real market high. CBD is extracted from hemp, in the same plant family as marijuana. But CBD won't have you microwavin...Read more »

  • CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil: What’s the Difference in 2019?
    Post time: Apr-30-2019

    With marijuana usage rising as more U.S. states legalize the controversial but commercially available herb, a cottage industry has developed around the use of marijuana with various claims of healthy attributes on multiple medical fronts. Officially, marijuana is deemed as Schedule I h...Read more »

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