Hemp-based CBD products increase in popularity

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Laura Beohner started her company, The Healing Rose, after using a salve made with cannabidiol, or CBD, on an injured knee.

"It was originally for PMS cramps but I figured, 'Hey I'm in a ton of pain right now, let me try it out.' It was instant relief," Beohner said. 

Beohner's products are among the dozens containing CBD on the shelves at Cambridge Naturals in Brighton. There's also gummies, coffee, even an oil for dogs.

"CBD stands for cannabidiol. It's one of the main active compounds in hemp," said Zach Milligan, store manager and supplement lead at Cambridge Naturals.

The CBD in the products they carry comes from agricultural hemp, a species of cannabis. It was legalized by the Farm Bill passed by Congress in 2014.

Hemp-derived CBD products contain very little tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. That's the component in marijuana that produces a high.

All hemp-derived CBD products are tested to contain less than .3 % THC. Milligan said the products can be soothing.

"Really mildly relaxing. Not very physical. It's just kind of back to center. It's very grounding," Milligan said.

He says interest has grown over the last 18 months and many customers are simply curious.

That interest has helped Beohner expand her business. Based in Andover, the company now sells products in 17 states but the growth does bring some concern. 

"There's a lot more brands in the space. It's becoming kind of like a Wild West for consumers," Beohner said. 

Both Milligan and Beohner said consumers should ask questions at their local health food store or the company that makes the CBD product. The company should have a certificate of analysis.

"Which is the chemical composition and it will list out all the cannabinoids and the percentages," Milligan said. 

The average amount of CBD in most products is around 10 to 20 milligrams. Each person will respond differently based on individual body composition and metabolism. Milligan said he coaches his customers to start with a lower dose and gradually increase based on how the individual feels.

by Emily Riemer   

from wcvb.com

Post time: Dec-18-2018
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