CBD oil gaining popularity in NNY

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WATERTOWN — For Andrea W. Carr, January marked a much darker time in her life.

With a general anxiety disorder diagnosis, Mrs. Carr said she was experiencing crippling anxiety attacks that would make each day harder. Symptoms such as nausea, hot flashes and extreme irritability were part of the daily routine, with no treatment or medication seeming to help.

“I felt like I kept needing to add medications because they just weren’t working, and my anxiety was increasing,” Mrs. Carr said. “My poor family was suffering, I was at my wits’ end.”

When her husband heard about a local woman selling CBD oil — a naturally occurring constituent of industrial hemp — Mrs. Carr decided to try it. She said from her first dose, she felt her overwhelmed state simmer to a state of calmness, and she has not had an anxiety attack since.

To spread awareness of the product’s benefits, Mrs. Carr said, she became an affiliate of Hempworx Independent, the company from which she originally purchased the oil.

Cannabidol oil, referred to commonly as CBD oil, is composed of 20 percent cannabidol and 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinal, the legal amount of the hallucinogenic property in marijuana.

People use the oil for a variety of reasons, including pain management, sleep aid and mental health.

Scott E. Skinner, owner of The Mustard Seed health food store, Arsenal Street, has had CBD oil, gummies, soft gel tablets and topical creams on his shelves for about six months now. Admittedly a skeptic of the oil at first, Mr. Skinner said, he saw customers were consistently asking for the product.

After thorough research on the products, Mr. Skinner said, all employees at The Mustard Seed are knowledgeable about the oil to help customers choose the appropriate dosage and type.

“If you broke it down on a scale from one to 10, seven out of 10 are coming with some kind of chronic pain issue,” Mr. Skinner said. “The other three out of 10 are using it for anxiety and sleep.”

Though he has heard of many testimonials from customers about the benefits of using the oil, Mr. Skinner said he understands he and his staff are merely retailers, so he has signs throughout the store urging customers to discuss the possible side effects with their health care providers.

Additionally, there have been several studies involving different uses for CBD, but the risks and benefits are still inconclusive.

The products The Mustard Seed purchases are mainly from Washington and California manufacturers, he said.

Local farmers cannot legally produce industrial hemp, according to Jay M. Matteson, the agricultural coordinator for Jefferson County. The only hemp farming allowed in the state is for research purposes and requires the farmer to get a state license and strict regulation.

“Even though hemp is not marijuana, it resembles marijuana, making it difficult to regulate the difference,” Mr. Matteson said.

He said he “highly expects” the state to legalize growing industrial hemp soon because of the crop’s potential use and value. Since countries such as Canada have had legalized hemp production for several years, with a developed market, Mr. Matteson said, the only downfall is farmers would have to face tough competition.

“I don’t think it is a big boom to agriculture, but it will certainly be beneficial to their land,” he said.

Mrs. Carr said she is excited about the potential hemp and CBD oil have in the north country.

“I truly believe the more people become educated, the more people will realize the incredible benefits that it will bring on, not just for our health, but for our economy,” she said.

The details

■ WHAT IS CBD: Cannabidol is a naturally occurring constituent in industrial hemp. Unlike tetrahydrocannabional, the hallucinogenic property of marijuana, CBD does not make one feel stoned. People use the oil for a variety of reasons, including pain management, sleep aid and mental health. There have been several studies involving different uses of CBD, but the risks and benefits are still inconclusive.

■ HOW IS IT SOLD: CBD can be sold in ingestible oil, gummies, soft gel tablets and vaporizers. It also can be found in topical creams, bath bombs, face masks, ice cream, dog treats and many other products.

■ HOW MUCH IS IT: Locally, a one-month supply can run from $39 to $69, depending on the brand and product.


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Post time: Nov-26-2018
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