• 4 Things You Need To Know About Buying CBD
    Post time: May-24-2019

    It’s no secret that CBD is having a moment. Known primarily for its wide range of health and beauty benefits, this trendy ingredient is appearing in everything from mascara and moisturizers to sparkling water and chocolate. But have you ever thought about the quality of the CBD oil in your favor...ادامه مطلب »

  • As its popularity grows nationwide, CBD shops are cropping up in Williamson County
    Post time: May-23-2019

    From 2014 to 2016, Jamie Johns was taking 28 different medications. She already beat breast cancer, so when Johns learned she also had cervical cancer, her doctor suggested she try cannabidiol, or CBD, to see if it would offset some of the negative side effects from chemotherapy. Johns says she ...ادامه مطلب »

  • 3 Benefits Of Using CBD Oil
    Post time: May-22-2019

    Nature may just surprise you. If you are thinking of using cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, for help with a physical or mental health condition, you are not alone. Projected U.S. consumer sales of legal cannabis, which may turn out to be one of nature’s finest gifts, could reach multi-bi...ادامه مطلب »

  • 4 Investigates: CBD industry is operating in the dark
    Post time: May-21-2019

    CBD products are sold in specialty stores and strip malls all over New Mexico. Some people use it to treat everything from anxiety to sleeplessness. However, there's one big problem — the brand new industry is not regulated and there's no guarantee people are getting what they...ادامه مطلب »

  • Experts prove CBD products don’t affect drug test results
    Post time: May-20-2019

    Cannabidiol oil is becoming very popular around the world and some have raised concern on whether it's hindering people from passing drug tests. THC is the compound in marijuana that gets people high. Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is another product that can come from hemp or marijuana. Many states ...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD oil shop One Health Wisconsin opens in Algoma
    Post time: May-18-2019

    OK, first things first. One doesn't need to bring a bag of chips to One Health Wisconsin for post-visit munchies. You don't have to rock out to jam bands. There isn't a dress code requiring scruffy facial hair, tie-dyes, bloodshot eyes or sandals. The downtown Algoma shop — which had...ادامه مطلب »

  • ‘It’s become this sensation.’ What is CBD oil and where can you find it in Centre County?
    Post time: May-17-2019

    While CBD products surge in popularity across the country, Centre County shops are expanding their offerings to include the hemp-derived products that proponents say can help a variety of ailments. THC and cannabidiol are the most prominent chemical compounds found in cannabis, though each have ...ادامه مطلب »

  • How to Effectively Take CBD Oil
    Post time: May-16-2019

    By now, you must have heard of CBD oil as an alternative to over-the-counter drugs. Many people in our millennial age are choosing to go for CBD products because of their effectiveness when it comes to dealing with chronic symptoms caused by conditions like migraines, fractures, and even cancer....ادامه مطلب »

  • Texas Senate Will Soon Vote On Hemp Bill, Which Requires Testing Crops For THC
    Post time: May-15-2019

    Farmers await a final vote in the Texas Senate, which could end up affecting their bottom line. If it passes, House Bill 1325 is one step closer to legalizing the cultivation of hemp in Texas. Zavala County Democrat Tracy King wrote the bill, which sailed through the Texas House weeks ago. But L...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD oil sales are booming, but are you getting what you pay for?
    Post time: May-14-2019

    Across the country, "canna-business" is booming. CBD hemp products are popping up everywhere, from health food stores to dog groomers. Investigative reporter Karla Ray has learned, however, that many consumers might not always know what they are buying.  In some cas...ادامه مطلب »

  • Does CBD Oil Have Health Benefits?
    Post time: May-13-2019

    CBD oil was in the news again this week when a great-grandmother was arrested outside Disney World for allegedly having the cannabis-based compound with purported medicinal benefits in her purse. The woman said her doctors recommended CBD for arthritis, and the charges were later dropp...ادامه مطلب »

  • Is CBD oil the answer to what ails you?
    Post time: May-10-2019

    What is really in that bottle that some are calling a medical miracle? We are talking about CBD oil. It is a huge craze right now and is being sold over the counter in many places in our region and around the country. CBD oil has its believers. "It's just going to give you the body effe...ادامه مطلب »

  • Is CBD oil safe, effective?
    Post time: May-08-2019

    CBD oil seems to be everywhere — on shelves at pharmacies, specialty stores and many other places. Products flooded the market after the 2018 farm bill removed hemp and its derivatives as controlled substances. 'You just feel better' CBD Supply MD Penn recently opened in York. Ret...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD: On a real market high
    Post time: May-06-2019

    It looks like pot, can be vaped like pot, even eaten like pot. But pot, it is not. It's called CBD, short for cannabidiol, a buzzy chemical compound that's on a real market high. CBD is extracted from hemp, in the same plant family as marijuana. But CBD won't have you microwavin...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil: What’s the Difference in 2019?
    Post time: Apr-30-2019

    With marijuana usage rising as more U.S. states legalize the controversial but commercially available herb, a cottage industry has developed around the use of marijuana with various claims of healthy attributes on multiple medical fronts. Officially, marijuana is deemed as Schedule I h...ادامه مطلب »

  • 5 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil
    Post time: Apr-29-2019

    Healthcare experts have shown that there are hundreds of cannabinoids present in marijuana that can be used to treat different medical conditions. It’s safe to say that there are plenty of benefits and uses of CBD oil. Here are five benefits and uses of CBD oil. Pain Relief One of the cor...ادامه مطلب »

  • How to Get the Right Dosage for Vaping CBD
    Post time: Apr-26-2019

    There is no universal CBD dosage, and finding the right dose isn’t always easy. There are a number of factors that go into determining your personal dosage, depending on why you are vaping CBD oil. Those factors include: ·  CBD strength ·  Delivery method ·  Body weight ·&...ادامه مطلب »

  • Local CBD store offers cannabis-based products
    Post time: Apr-25-2019

    CBD is the latest booming cannabis-derived health trend, and a new Vestal store now gives locals access to a range of products with the drug. Your CBD Store, located a short few minutes from campus down Vestal Parkway East, offers a variety of products infused with CBD, or cannabidiol, from gumm...ادامه مطلب »

  • Bill Legalizing CBD Finds Support in Texas House
    Post time: Apr-24-2019

    CBD oil is a step closer to being legalized in Texas after legislators in the House voted on Tuesday to allow people to buy it without fear of being arrested. The bill cleared the House with no one opposing it, paving the way for a final vote before it moves to the Senate, where it may meet some...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD hype: Is this hemp plant derivative snake oil or a legit remedy?
    Post time: Apr-23-2019

    It's hard to find something CBD can't treat.  That's if you believe the hype. Problems with aches and pains, inflammation, stress, unsatisfying sex and PMS? Try CBD.  It comes in many forms: skin creams, lotions, oils, tinctures, pills and even a powder or liquid food ...ادامه مطلب »

  • Health benefits from using CBD oil
    Post time: Apr-22-2019

    If you have chronic pain, anxiety or other disorders, you likely have tried everything to relieve the day in, day out suffering or stress and have watched with interest as cannabidiol has become legal in certain areas throughout the United States. CBD hemp oil, is federally legal throughout the ...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD, legal and scientific gray area, gains popularity in South Jersey
    Post time: Apr-20-2019

    In early April, Relievus, a Mount Laurel-based chain of 27 pain clinics across the Philadelphia suburbs and South Jersey, including Linwood, received a scorching letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The agency called the company’s medical claims about its branded CBD oils and tinct...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD Oil: Do You Really Need It?
    Post time: Apr-17-2019

    Despite CBD now being legal in many countries including the USA, its usage is still controversial. It has been known to treat a lot of health disorders but has also been known to pose risks. So, before you decide to use CBD oil, you need to be fully informed about what it is, when it c...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD products are popping up in stores near you. Here’s what you need to know about them
    Post time: Apr-16-2019

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, though, cracked down on its marketing while also approving it for treatment of two forms of severe epilepsy.   Cannabidiol, or CBD, is popping up on shelves across the country in oil, extract, vaporized liquid and capsule form, according...ادامه مطلب »

  • CANNAPRESSO in Vape Jam UK 2019
    Post time: Apr-13-2019

    The UK's very first Vape Trade Show, with international exhibitors and visitors. Vape Jam UK was the first trade show to introduce vape celebrities and influential speakers in the UK. Vape Jam UK is a Vape related expo showcasing and promoting various products from the Vape industry. The pur...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD Goes Mainstream
    Post time: Apr-12-2019

    There are currently only four cannabis-based medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration that your doctor can prescribe for you and that you can pick up in a pharmacy like any other prescription drug. That includes Epidiolex, a drug approved in 2018 by the FDA to treat two rare but ...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD oil is gaining popularity in Utah, but is it safe?
    Post time: Apr-11-2019

    CBD products are popping up everywhere in Utah: boutiques, pharmacies and grocery stores. But what is it exactly and how do you know if it’s safe to take? Gigi Hansen, of Heber City, started taking CBD oil for anxiety a couple of years ago. “It has a very calming effect on your body, on your min...ادامه مطلب »

  • Medicinal CBD oil bill heads to NC Senate floor. It would allow it as treatment for autism, MS, other diseases.
    Post time: Apr-10-2019

    A bill that would expand the use of medicinal CBD oil in North Carolina is headed to the Senate floor. Senate Bill 168 received recommendation Tuesday from the Senate Rules and Operations Committee. State law passed in 2015 allows the use of CBD oil to be given to children with epilepsy. The oil...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD: 6 key questions answered about the marijuana extract
    Post time: Apr-09-2019

    With CBD showing up everywhere, U.S. regulators announced Tuesday they are exploring ways the marijuana extract could be used legally in foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it will hold a public hearing May 31 to gather more information on the sci...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD oil: What is it? Is it legal? And can it cause you to fail a drug test?
    Post time: Apr-08-2019

    For proponents, CBD products can ease symptoms for everything from arthritis to anxiety. For critics, the influx of mostly unregulated CBD products is akin to a consumer version of the wild west. Either way, CBD is now legal and on the market. Here’s what you need to know: What is CBD? CBD stan...ادامه مطلب »

    Post time: Apr-04-2019

    With Congress seemingly poised to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp for many uses, including the production of biomass for CBD oil extraction, many questions remain unanswered. How will the DEA reschedule CBD now that Epidiolex has been approved as a ...ادامه مطلب »

  • Most frequently asked questions about CBD
    Post time: Mar-29-2019

    Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound that is derived from various parts of the cannabis plant, like the stalks, leaves, the flowering parts, and the seeds. It was used traditionally in ancient times by various doctors to help with certain ailments. However, as time passed by, cannabis b...ادامه مطلب »

  • CBD Oil: What is it and is it legal?
    Post time: Mar-27-2019

    CBD oil. What is it and is it legal? The answer is complicated. The federal law says yes, it's legal. But, not so fast. As CBD is showing up on more store shelves, there's a gray area that you need to know about when it comes to Cannabidiol. "I just need to speak to someone who make...ادامه مطلب »

  • Will North Carolina allow more people to use CBD oil? Committee OKs bill to expand use of compound found in marijuana
    Post time: Mar-26-2019

    A bill to expand the use of medicinal CBD oil took a big first step last week. Senate Bill 168 received recommendation from the Senate Health committee. It has been forwarded to the Judiciary committee. If recommended, the bill would go to the Rules and Operations committee. State law passe...ادامه مطلب »

  • Consumer Watch: Most Americans don’t know much about CBD Oil
    Post time: Mar-21-2019

    Before medical marijuana became legal in Oklahoma, CBD oil shops started dotting the Oklahoma City landscape, but a new survey shows most people don't really know what CBD oil is or what it does, that’s a whopping 61 percent. Is it legal — yes, and though it comes from marijuana, it...ادامه مطلب »

  • The Benefits Of CBD Vape Juice
    Post time: Mar-20-2019

    CBD oil has become a very common topic among many people in the world today. It is a derivative of cannabidiol which is extracted from the hemp plantand this is the reason why there have been many debates on the legitimacy of its use for medical purposes. In many parts of the world, CBD has been...ادامه مطلب »

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