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 3 States Distributor: KP Wholesale LLC (exclusive)

If you are in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts 

states and want CANNAPRESSO CBD VAPE Oil 100MG 

or 300MG, Find our exclusive distributor:

KP Wholesale LLC

Phone: 848-200-7400

Web: www.KPVape.com 

Welcome to be Cannapresso Agent, let’s share the Billions of market.



7 supportive policies:

Regional exclusive agency (monopoly) support:

A.Transfer the new customers who want to establish business relationship with Cannapresso in the Agent Territory to the exclusive agency.  

There are selling products and competitive price support:

A.Offer free new products samples to the exclusive agency.

B.Offer Ultra-competitive price to the exclusive agent.


There are selling products and competitive price support:

A.Offer suggestion and materials contributing to promoting the sale of products

B.Show the exclusive agent of the product on the website and Expo.


Product samples and personnel support:

A.Offer free sample to develop the second level agents and full service by professional sales staff.


Keep on launching new products:

A.Launch new products per quarter.

Appropriate sales mission goals and sales incentives:

A.Complete the annual agency target of 100%, bonus: 0.5% of the total amount

B.Complete the annual agency target of 150%, bonus: 1% of the total amount

C.Bonuses are converted into products then will be counted in the first order of the following year


Good quality after-sales support:


A.All defective products support replacement of new products and then will be replenished in the latest order.


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